Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I've only been to Milwaukee and Madison in the state of Wisconsin... well technically Sun Prairie too but most of my free time I only explored the capital and the underrated part of the state.

As I said to most of my UBER drivers in Madison, I'm not really a fan of suburbs and small town but Madison was really nice to me. So I list what to do when in Wisconsin.


I think food will not be a problem for most because fast food chains are scattered everywhere in Wisconsin and some are 24/7 operation. Although fast food chains are answer prayer for #midnightsnackproblem when staying in the hotel/hostel/motel and no kitchen or time to cook, we should allot time and money to eat where they serve great food, good ambiance and fantastic drinks.


Its my favorite place for #Japanesefood fix and delicious drink. Located in front of the capitol in Madison.


If you want farm to table concept restaurant, you can get it from Graze.


I never had a chance to try ramen from other establishment in Madison other than Umami. Located along Williamson street.


If you want tapas and Spanish food, Sardines is best place you can get it and also guapo staff.


If you are looking for Mediterranean food and hip  restaurant, Pig in a Fur Coat is the best choice. Located along Williamson street.


By far my favorite restaurant for Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. In my almost 5 months in Madison, I've been here 6x.


Another farm to table concept, which serve Italian cuisine.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

#WhenInNewYork: My List of Where to Eat

If you happen to be in #NewYork for vacation or permanent, I recommend the following places to check out and eat.

Manila Social Club 

The best casual fine dining restaurant to eat Filipino cuisine in New York so far.

Located in Brooklyn, New York... in the area of Williamsburg, which is probably less than 30 minutes from Manhattan.

SPAM Fries - SPAM frite, banana ketchup, pickled mango sauce

Crab Dauphine - limp crab, served on corn custard with chive oil and caviar

Torta Talong - roasted eggplant torta on top of fried rice

Duck Adobo - sunchoke puree, shiitake, yu choy
Tempura Avocado - avocado emulsion, pickled daikon, shoots & blossoms
Short Rib Kare - parnsnip puree, asparagus, sesame hazelnut veloute

If its your birthday... you'll get a purple yam pudding

And the must try... their Purple Donut.... but reservation is needed to get a taste of this

Manila Social Club
2 Hope St., Brooklyn, NY

Toby's Estate Coffee if you want to chill, waiting for someone (friends, date, Grindr meet up) or work/study (because of free WIFI).

Lower East Side:
Dudley's NYC

One of the best place for brunch aside from one of the most instagram-able restaurant in New York city. Their version of Avocado Toast is my favourite so far...

Crispy Brussel Sprout + Wild Mushroom Benedict + Avocado Toast


Dudley's NYC
85 Orchard Street, New York, NY

Maman NYC is another place to eat for brunch in New York City and their version of Avocado Toast is on Top 3 of my favourite.
211 W Broadway, Tribeca, NY
If you are in SOHO then head over to Jack's Wife Freda for brunch.
50 Carmine St, New York, NY
If you have your own favourite place to eat in New York, comment section is open :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#Concert: #ADELELive in Chicago 2016

photo from / photograph by A. Waespi

Hello.... It's me...

I know for sure you are wondering if I'm still alive... Unfortunately I'm still alive... Gloriously!

This would be my first post after almost two years in hiatus of blogging and I'm so excited to tell you about the best day of my life... and that was meeting the one and only ADELE in flesh with hugs and duet and selfie... Most of my friends especially in the office knows that I'm a big ADELY fan... there was a moment they were annoyed because I sung like the first five words from the song every freaking minute... Sorry...

Lets go back to "THE DAY"...

All Adele enthusiasts knew that it was hard to find her concert ticket except resellers which cost like a kidney or a heart. Two weeks before her concert while checking Ticketmaster website... BOOM! There it was... $174 main floor seat... 5 rows away from the stage ticket. A few minutes later I received confirmation via email that the seat was mine. It's expensive... I know that but for Adele? Why not shell out a hundred bucks... I even considered buying the too far from the stage $300 ticket from Vividseats.

I went to the venue 3 and half hours early...

 Then it started... Those gorgeous eyes... and the voice...



I thought she's done calling fans to come on the stage...

Then she asked if someone from the audience can sing... then I freak out! I jumped... shouted ME!!! like I don't know how many times but... she pointed her finger at me! and asked myself... wait seriously ME? and then I started walking... but I felt like I don't hear anything... I even don't remember some moments at all...

When I step on the stage... I said loud... ZOMG... can't believe this is happening.... and then hug #1 happened... and she started to asked me where I'm from... of course from the Philippines... and then asked me what I'm doing in the US... she asked me to walk to front and wave to everyone... and then she asked me what song I will sing... then it just came out from my mouth... and started singing... the chorus part of Send My Love Your New Lover... I enjoyed it... but the most memorable was... she was singing too!

Then I asked her for selfie! and hug #2 happened and we shake hands...

I went out from the venue after the concert... and people shouting... great job... I'm jealous... which all I think about...

I am just one damn f***king lucky fan and I was on cloud 9 for a week!

And even my face ended up on Adele's website (shown first pic above)!

screenshot from


Monday, June 8, 2015

#Grooming - Harry's #FathersDay Shave Set

I'm in love with #Harrys razor #ownyouram... I think if Harry could be a real person (let me know if he is) he could be that perfect handsome father, hubby, or sperm donor kind of guy... with the right amount of bushy facial hair, gorgeous mouth watering hair and hot tantalizing eyes!... because the brand name itself sounds like YUM YUM what more if he's real right?

What if those qualities can be provided by one special limited edition gift set  from Harry's for your incredibly good looking husband and father of your children (or dog... lol) on Father's day.

Don't we all want our daddy or hubby look dapperly gorgeous or deliciously hot on Father's Day? So Harry's have this special shave set for you to give to your best daddy in the whole world....

so what's inside the beautifully packaged gift box?

  • A Winston Razor which is engraveable
  • Two count of blade pack for refills
  • A choice of either foaming shave gel or shave cream (but I preferred the shave gel)
  • One travel blade cover
  • One silver razor stand which is also engraveable

And how much the cost of this gift box?

  • $40 without engraving
  • $50 with engraving (which I preferred for a more personalized touch or in case you'll get lazy and it get lost..)
This gift box from Harry's is available all year round through their website (click here to check it out) if you are having problem what to give on Christmas Day or Birthday or even on St. Patrick's Day for your special guy in life...

And if you are fond of the razor stand (like me), you can purchase it separately via their website for $15.

To visit Harry's Corner Shop in SOHO, check out my post here